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Supports up to three domains or subdomains

Five minute update intervals

Completely FREE!


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The idea is simple. Hosting your website from your home or office can be very beneficial.

The problem is... Providing your visitors continuous, uninterrupted access to your website without paying your ISP (or a webhosting provider) a monthly fee and having to upload files every time you update your website can be daunting.

The solution? Get a domain name ($8.95 from and point your domain name to ZoneEdit will send your website's visitors to your webserver, no matter where it may be located.

Abyss Web Server will host your website right on your home/office computer while Mally will ensure ZoneEdit is always up to date with your web server's location (IP address).

If your ISP changes your IP address frequently (as most do), your website could become inaccessible to your visitors. Mally will automatically monitor your IP address for changes. If a change is detected, it will update ZoneEdit immediately, ensuring your visitors constant access to your website.

Problem Solved!

  Did you know?

Mally was named after the developer's long time friend and companion, an 11 year old Rottweiler/German Shepherd. Mally (the dog) is a true sweetheart, but has recently developed cancer and requires constant attention and medication.

Please consider donating! Any money received from donations will fund Mally's medication for the remainder of her lifespan. To those of you kind enough to donate, Mally thanks you in advance!

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